Meals at Riad Kettani


Every day NEZHA prepares the different Moroccan pancakes for breakfasts and meals for our greater pleasure.

The menu at a cost of 18 € consists of an entrée, a main course and desserts.

  • As a starter, a round of salads : Zaalouk, Taktouka, carrot salad with orange juice ...
  • As a main dish, the inevitable Couscous, a generous dish to be shared, as well as the pastillas and numerous tajines, skewers ...
  • For dessert, you will taste the delicious Moroccan pastries and enjoy seasonal fruits nature, in fruit salad or on a tart.

In order to continue to cook in a traditional way to preserve flavor and freshness the restaurant is open to guests from outside only under reservation.

Riad Kettani has been selected by Gourmet Lodging for the quality of its cuisine.